Arctic Incident





Arctic Incident

Author XF-Alien (original) - AlexCorruptor, Outerbeast, Tunac (conversion)
Original mod release November 15, 2015
Date of release v1 - October, 2021
.bsp filename arctic_incident_1, arctic_incident_2


The action takes place in a scientific complex, which is located somewhere in the Arctic.

In the caves, scientists have found a new form of life, which is resistant to frost and incredibly aggressive to intrusion.
The staff at the complex do not have sufficient means to counter it.
As a consequence they are forced to ask for help from the military, but the military, apparently, have their own plans for the incident.

You as the only survivors must fight your way through the blistering cold, with all odds against you, and finally escape.

Additional info

This is a port of the Arctic Incident mod for Half-Life.

Additional credits

Insurgency weapons by Norman The Loli Pirate, D.N.I.O. 071, R4to0, D.G.F. and KernCore.
Insurgency Weapons Project

  • Model tweaks by Garompa & Tunac
  • Texturing by Garompa
  • Snow sprite by I_ka




arctic conversion difficulty:medium size:large snow survival unreleased walkthrough work-in-progress

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