Arctic Base

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Author Hunter Alpha
Date of release Final - 2003
.bsp filename arctic_HA, arctic2_HA, arctic3_HA


Arctic base arctic_HA

Two weeks ago we lost contact with our
arctic base and since then we have sent
a military squad to investigate but we
have now lost contact with the squad. You
must find out what happened and secure
the base. A team of scientists (and escorts)
will arrive an hour after you do.


-We will keep in contact with you
and advise you accordingly

Arctic base arctic2_HA

The research subject seems to have escaped
and started to dig tunnels under the base.
Find a way back to the base and kill anything
that gets in your way.


-Look for survivors but it's doubtful if
anyone has survived.

Arctic base arctic3_HA

Killing the Gonarch seems to have angered the
gonome and the zombified crew. You must kill
ALL of them to contain their infestation.


-After you have killed them all go to
the hanger and meet the new crew.

Additional info

Description: You and your team must find out what happpened to the arctic base.

Miscellaneous: This map is good for 2-5 players (But there are 9+ spawn spots).

Additional credits

Valve & Sierra (For Half-life & Worldcraft Hammer)
The Svencoop Team (For svencoop) (For the arctic sky)



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