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Author Skals
Date of release July 19, 2007
.bsp filename annihilation


Well, your kinda stuck there and you need to complete 4 tasks to be able to complete the map. To do so, you will need to destroy the source that attracts the pit drones, kill the gargantua, secure the lab sector and destroy one of the giant doors.

Each time a task has been completed, one of the giant doors will open (except the one you need to destroy)…

When all of this is done, go down the pit, break the security door, and trigger the game_end.

Additional info

  • Players required: 2-4 (some places need teamwork)
  • Weapons available: pistol, shotgun, crowbar, medkit, crossbow, ag oh and sub-machine.
  • Location: somewhere in Black Mesa outdoor facility.
  • Objective: Destroy all hostiles and proceed to the wind tunnel.
  • Difficulty: medium. and the map is small.

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