Anitalink Lobby

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Author Keen @nit@ w00tguy123
Date of release Aug 5, 2016
.bsp filename anitalink_lobby_wow, anitalink_lobby_arcade


a lobby map for the Anitalink server. they have treated me well /#notashillbutslightlyashillyoloswagyoloyoliswag

one of the versions has some not safe for work content. viewer discretion is advised.

arcade machines may be broken. use the portals on the upper levels in the arcade version to access the lower level. map is borked.


There are over 966 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


2004 2008 boms co-oprequired escape official official-screlease puzzle series svencoop4


2004 defense losable needs-dl needs-info


2000 creepsworld-top50 difficulty:easy official official-screlease rcbot size:small walkthrough


2008 fun maze music puzzle size:medium

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