Alien Shooter 1 Demo

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Author Dr.Abc
Date of release Beta - 11/4, 2018
.bsp filename alienshooter_demo


A giant killing box with many lights and monsters.
You are one of sven-team.
sven-team are good.
aliens are bad.
sven-team shoot aliens.
and blow'em up.

You are one who sent to investigate the secret lab and eliminate all of aliens.Get in lab and use explosives to seal the alien-cave up.

Additional info

The map's terrain comes from the demo version of AlienShooter 1.
You could only play this map with thirdperson.(Don't worry ,map scripts will toggle it automatically. ;)If not type "thirdperson" in your console.)
However, IDK how to change the view to firstperson when this map changed, you have to toggle it manually .:(

Additional credits

Alien Shooter 1 - sounds and musics.
AmmoUnlimited - Paranoid_AF.



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