Aggregate Pain

Aggregate Pain

Author Michael Sisk (original), giselachar20 (conversion), Garompa (fixes)
Original mod release March 6, 1999
Date of release Final (conversion) - January 27, 2017
.bsp filenames agpain1, agpain2, agpain3


I really dont know what i was thinking when i converted this and, adding a wad with a name (seems i was thinking like a 11 year old boy stealing something and adding the name on it.). Do not download this. All credits belong to Garompa for fixing and to the original autor. Thanks and sorry. Giselachar20

An old map for Half-life converted to Sven Co-op.

Once again you are Gordon Freeman. You just made it out alive as the military was taking over the Black Mesa Compound. They are now using the compound to engineer a hideous monster capable of mass destruction. As a member of a new organization, intent on thwarting the military's evil plans for corruption, you have been assigned to sneak into the compound, find your way to the hideous monstrosity, and destroy it. Good luck!

Additional info

THIS IS THE ORIGINAL TXT from the author

Title :Aggregate Pain
Author :Michael Sisk.
Date :4/6/99
Filename :agpain1.bsp, agpain2.bsp, agpain3.bsp
Description :This is my second level for Half-Life. My first one was called
Sepulcher. It got a score of 31 on Radium's website. It was fairly
short and linear. Many people also complained that it was too
difficult. I'm fairly certain that Aggregate Pain is much better
than Sepulcher. It's bigger, less linear, and has better gameplay.
It still might seem a little bright on 3dfx cards since I'm running
on a TNT which has a tendency to make everything seem darker.
Aggregate Pain means Total Pain. If you download this level please
e-mail me and let me know what you
think of it.


For those of you who find yourself hitting the reload button too often, here's some hints:

1) Break all boxes, there's weapons and ammo inside.
2) Use grenades against slower and dumber enemies.
3) Explore all areas of the map.
4) Use the alien weapon against the big blue guy at the end; it works the best.

Additional credits

- Garompa


- Fixed the ugly textures, added cfg for more weapons and ammo, added more monsters and fixed the elevators and doors properly triggering for more than one player. Tested and everything ran fine. Pretty easy maps anyways. The textures is what happens when you recompile the map badly to just add a wad were you put your own name in a huge door and then everything breaks of course. Uploaded the fixed file called "agpain_fix2.rar" -Garompa


1999 black-mesa conversion difficulty:medium size:medium walkthrough

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