Afrika Korps Bonus

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Author MysticMDT, SiC
Date of release 2008
.bsp filename afrikakorps_bonus


Location: North Africa

Hello Lieutenant,

Rommel's Afrika Korps have taken a town in North Africa. Your teams mission is to steal the war documents and any other secret documents in the area. Also you have to locate and destroy the sensitive radar and communication equipment before they can transmit the secret war documents. The Afrika Korps have set up defense points with MG42's that you will have to disable. If you spot a German Tank , destroy it with a Bazooka in the area. Once you have the war documents exit the town in the west.

With any luck, we'll force Rommel and the Afrika Korps out of North Africa soon enough.

Dwight D. Eisenhower
General U.S. Army,


  • Disable all axis mg42's
  • Destroy any active german tank in the area
  • Locate and steal any secret document
  • Destroy all communication equipment
  • Locate and destroy axis radar
  • Steal the war documents
  • Head down to the west for extraction

Additional info

  • Use explosives (grenades or bazooka) to disable the MG42's or Tanks; it's the only way.
  • If you run out of grenades there are several places to find them.
  • The ally medic can heal you in combat so keep him close to you.
  • Afrika Korps first appeared in the SC 3.0 Content Pack as a continuation to Afrika Korps and is now a part of Sven Co-op 4.0.

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