Afrika Korps

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Author MysticMDT
Date of release Final - November 22, 2003
.bsp filename afrikakorps1, afrikakorps2, afrikakorps3


This is a World War II themed map that takes place in a town in North Africa taken by the Afrika Korps. There are several objectives to complete such as stealing secret documents.

Mission 1:

Location: North Africa

Rommel's Afrika Korps has taken a town in North Africa. Your teams mission is to steal the war documents and any other secret documents in the area. Also you have to locate and destroy the sensitive radar and communication equipment before they can transmit the secret war documents. The Afrika Korps has set up defense points with mg42's that you will have to disable. Once you have the war documents exit the town in the west.

With any luck, We'll force Rommel and the Afrika Korps out of North Africa soon enough.


  • Disable all axis mg42's
  • Locate and steal any secret document
  • Destroy all communication equipment
  • Destroy any active tank in the area
  • Locate and destroy axis radar
  • Steal the war documents
  • Head down to the west for extraction

Mission 2:

Location: Tobruk, North Africa

You need to destroy the axis anti-tank cannon located in the desert of Tobruk immediately. We lost many tanks out there and we need your team asap to get the job done.


  • Destroy the axis anti-tank gun with explosions


  • Use explosives (grenades, bazooka) to disable the mg42's or tanks, it's the only way.
  • The ally medic can heal you in combat so keep him close to you.

Additional info

  • Afrika Korps is included in Sven Co-op 4.0B and Sven Co-op 3.0 mod releases.
  • It received BOMS status on the Sven Co-op forums.
  • The map is highly customized (custom npc and weapon models, textures, and sounds).
  • Afrika Korps Bonus was later released as a continuation of the series.

Additional credits

Blazeeer - (textures)
Cayle George - (textures)
Daniel Luka - (textures)
Invasion Works - (models)
Kraut-Killer - (models)
MarGon - (models)
Panzerfaust - (models)
Saving Private Ryan - (sounds)
SiC - (models)
Trigger - (models)



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