Afraid Of Monsters: Director's Cut

Afraid Of Monsters: Director's Cut

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Author RuMpel (original), JonnyBoy0719 & Zorbos (conversion)
Date of release v5.1 - April 15, 2016
.bsp filename aomdc_lobby (+ 74 others)


Your name is David Leatherhoff, and you're addicted to a strange kind of drug. Lately you have started to experience illusions, dreams picking at your deepest and darkest fears. Finally, you go to Markland Hospital, seeking help. First, however, you make a stop into the bathroom, where another bottle of pills awaits you, standing out like a beacon in the night in your depraved eyes.

When will it all stop?


Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut do not work on the branch release_candidate_public or 4.8 of Sven Co-op, and will not be updated officially for that branch or version!

Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut will only work properly if you are using the latest version of Sven Co-op (Steam version)

Additional info

This AoMDC has survival activated on default, if you want it disabled, make sure to have as_command survival_enabled 0 on your server.cfg file.


Zorbos - For his awesome contribute of all the RipEnt maps he spent years of making.
JonnyBoy0719 - Programing in the weapons from AoM:DC in Angelscript
Sence - For the fixed map resource files


Version: v5.1

  • Fixed where the axe wouldn't play the sounds
  • Fixed where a trigger would crash the server on aomdc_1hospital
  • Updated CFG & BSP for aomdc_2arforest and aomdc_3arforest where it wouldn't change to the map aomdc_*afterforest_fix
  • Updated .RES files, now they will download the weapon sounds at all times (just to make sure nobody can complain that their guns are missing sounds etc)

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2016 fun large-dl needs-dl non-linear random size:large space


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4.5 / 5

2006 conversion difficulty:hard size:medium walkthrough

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