Aerodock 1

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Author tsy_4
Date of release Final - May 22, 2005
.bsp filename aerodock1


-Gravity is controlled inside the facillity.

-The enemy has a secondary base set up on a nearby planet.

-You may encounter xen forces on your mission.

-Bring the hostage back to the insertion point where we will have a space craft waiting for your pick up.

-If you reach a ledge in the map which you've tried to boost up but you're being blocked, it meamns you're not meant to go there yet. I'm sorry but i didn't want people shortcutting the map.

Additional info

Year 2119, deep space research center starts doing experiments in hopes to make the "Xen" creatures friendly. Word comes to them that the blackhole research faciliity already succeeded in making "Xen" Creatures friendly.
April 19 2119:
4 Blackhole Research scientests are taken hostage by The Deep Space Company. The hostages will be freed in exchange for the "Friendly Xen" research.
April 20 2119:
Negotiations over the hostages begin between the two facilities.
April 21 2119:
Negotiations fail and 2 Black Hole "Higher Ups" are murdered by Deep space soldiers.
April 22 2119:
Black hole operatives (Alpha Squad) are sent in and fail.
April 23 2119:
A second team of Black Hole operatives (Bravo Squad) are sent in, once again they fail.
April 24 2119:
Xen creatures begin attacking the Deep Space Research center perhaps in an attempt to free the Xen creatures being experimented on.
A third team of Black Hole operatives (You) are sent in to rescue the hostages…

Additional credits

map by tsy_4: moc.liamtoh|4ehtyst#moc.liamtoh|4ehtyst



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