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Author Nih
Date of release v4 - January 22, 2017 (SC5.10)
v3 - December 25, 2011 (SC4.6)
v2 - September 2, 2010 (SC4.5)
v1 - December 24, 2008 (SC4.0B)
.bsp filename abandoned


You and your colleagues knew that the resonance cascade would happen. It was inevitable. The administrator was more concerned about profit than the fate of the human race. But it's not too late to save earth. You and some of your colleagues ventured deep into the abandoned parts of Black Mesa to find the unfinished plans for the GTIS, or Global Transdimensional Intrusion Shield. With the plans for this, we could stop the aliens from ever coming to our planet. Or should the horror happen before mankind is fully prepared, at least prevent more from coming. Unfortunately, hell decided to break loose just as you found the documents. Screams are heard from outside the old archiving room. Barney and Fred were supposed to keep guard, but now they're being zombified. Shit happens. You need to escape NOW, and you need to get the documents with you. Fortunately, being the gun-nut Barney is, he left some extra weaponry at our SUV's. If we can get to the SUV's, we can ride through the tunnel system, up the main entry lift, fight our way to the lambda guys, and save the world. Let's do it.

Primary objective:

  • Escape with the documents that will save earth and get to the surface using the Main Facility Lift.

Secondary objectives:
(In this order)

  • Retrieve Keycard to Waste Disposal Area in the industrial area.
  • Activate the Generator to get power to the doors. (Laser fence must be disabled.)
  • Find the keycard to the Tunnels in the Waste Disposal Area.
  • Optional: You can open the door to Waste Disposal Area for faster access to Main Facility Lift.
  • Use the the Main Facility Lift to reach the surface.

Additional info

  • Players recommended: 4-8
  • There's a bunch of easter eggs hidden around the map. They're all really cool, but ridiculously hard to find.
  • You see that couch? Use it. For stuff.
  • Repair the turrets.
  • Revive?
  • Refrigerator

Known bugs

  • Some monsters spawn incorrectly.
  • Door to Tunnels Area occasionally bugs.
  • There's a bunch of really crazy bugs that no one's going to notice, and if you notice them, I declare you a silly goose.

Additional credits

Jolene - (for compiling the map so many times)
The rest of the Sven Co-op team and its contributors. We finally finished it :) Being involved with this mod has been great. Thanks everyone.
The Sven Co-op fans who stuck with the mod for so long, even if it meant turning every single server into server mod monstrosities ;) I'm sure this mod will live on for at least another 4 years.



2008 black-mesa co-oprequired defense difficulty:medium escape losable official official-screlease secrets size:large survival svencoop4 svencoop5 walkthrough

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