4chan /pol/ Gasworks (PVP w/ NPCs)

4chan /pol/ Gasworks (PVP w/ NPCs)

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Author Keen
Date of release Nov 8, 2016 (dm release) & Co-op Release Feb 2017
.bsp filename 4chan_pol_gaswork


* Map is not Yet PVP compatable with Sven Co-op Unless Run on a Special PVP server, those apparently exist now, Praise Kek*

I fully completely will keep working on this map and convert it to PVP Sven Co-op, since ** and the other devs make it so damn hard to actually just turn on DM for those of us who want it (lots of lag currently in svencoop pvp even tho ppl want it and people have to literally write angelscript and trigger codes to go around the dm settings thanks lead coder)

So I spent about 3 months working on this map and released it on election day, the results of our election surprised even myself. We did it lads. We meme'd a President to the white house that will utterly annihilate all social progress for the past 50 years. Praise Kek Brothers. Praise Kek.

I wouldn't normally post a link to the DM version here but my fans are a little rabid sometimes :) and seem very interested to see my work in whatever form. Since it's a meme map and creative like I have linked the DM version here for now, but by Feb 2017 I will release a new/other version that has working PVP in Sven Co-op with occasional/variable monster spawns. Ideally i think it would be really cool if players could have ally monsters from their team/side go after enemy's. I'm sure I could do that with some help. Enjoy.

Please do not delete this map for "not being co-op or PVP compatible right away" as it will be soon. Thank you.

Here is the Full GameBanana Link Where I First Released The Map: https://gamebanana.com/maps/192891

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