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The most powerful weapon available to players, the minigun is capable of easily cutting through hordes of monsters with a fast stream of bullets. The minigun can be spun-up/kept spinning by holding using the secondary fire button. Pressing the fire button in this mode will make the minigun fire straight away, without the need for the initial spin-up. The minigun offers a continuous belt of 5.56mm rounds without the need to reload.


Name (targetname) - The name that identifies the entity.

Pitch Yaw Roll (Y Z X) (angles) - ?

Gravity Setting (movetype) - Determines whether the item falls to the ground (default) or hovers in the air at its coordinates given in VHE.

Custom V_Model (wpn_v_model) - ?

Custom W_Model (wpn_w_model) - ?

Custom P_Model (wpn_p_model) - ?

Sound Replacement File (soundlist) - ?

Target (target) - When the entity is activated, it triggers the entity specified here.

Delay before trigger (delay) - Delay in seconds before the target is triggered.

KillTarget (killtarget) - ?


Disable Respawn (1024) - Makes it so the item will never respawn after being picked up.

Not in Deathmatch (2048) - (obsolete in Sven Co-op) Makes the entity don't appear in Multiplayer Games.

Additional info

  • While holding the minigun, players are a lot slower, unable to jump, and unable to change weapons. You must drop the minigun to be able to select another weapon (set a key to drop weapon in the control options, or bind any key to drop).
  • Players must pick up a minigun by using one on the ground rather than simply walking over one.
  • The minigun cannot be fired while the player is on a ladder.
  • When a heavy weapons grunt is killed, his minigun is dropped and is available for a player to pick up.
  • Accuracy is dramatically improved by crouching while firing.
  • Warning While using the minigun a lone player is extremely vulnerable. The minigun must be used as a support weapon, with other players defending the minigunner and/or distracting enemies until the minigun can be spun up.

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