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Standard equipment for all players, this allows players to heal friendly NPCs and more importantly, other players. The medkit recharges slowly over time, even when empty. It takes a long time to recharge but you can fill it up by using a wall-mounted health charger if you are in a hurry. The medkit starts out with 50 health (ammo) and charges up to a maximum of 100.

The medkit also allows you to revive players and friendly NPCs by pressing secondary fire when over their corpse. The medkit will need to have at least 50 health points stored in order to revive someone.


Name (targetname) - The name that identifies the entity.

Pitch Yaw Roll (Y Z X) (angles) - ?

Gravity Setting (movetype) - Determines whether the item falls to the ground (default) or hovers in the air at its coordinates given in VHE.

Custom V_Model (wpn_v_model) - ?

Custom W_Model (wpn_w_model) - ?

Custom P_Model (wpn_p_model) - ?

Sound Replacement File (soundlist) - ?

Target (target) - When the entity is activated, it triggers the entity specified here.

Delay before trigger (delay) - Delay in seconds before the target is triggered.

KillTarget (killtarget) - ?


Disable Respawn (1024) - Makes it so the item will never respawn after being picked up.

Not in Deathmatch (2048) - (obsolete in Sven Co-op) Makes the entity don't appear in Multiplayer Games.

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