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Similar to trigger_random, except that it has 8 possible targets and will not re-fire targets it has already fired.


Name (targetname) - The name that identifies the entity.

Target Count (target_count) - The number of target boxes (listed below) that you wish to used. If, for example, you want a 50% chance of Target1 being triggered, and a 50% chance of Target2 being triggered, you would set this to 2. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th boxes would then be unused. To use more of the boxes, with an equal chance of each being triggered, increase the Target Count value.

Target 1 - Target 8 (target1 - target8) - This is where you enter the names of the entities you want targeted, one to a box. Note that only one of the listed entities will be triggered when the trigger_random is activated. Some used boxes can be left blank (to create a possibility of nothing being triggered), if you so wish. Extra, unused boxes should be left blank.


Re-usable (1) - This allows the entity to be triggered more than once.

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