Hidden Screenshots

Hidden Screenshots

Currently, only the original page creators and admins can edit/remove these screenshots.

A map's site-wide thumbnail/preview pic (used in the detailed map lists) can be set using:

[[include thumbnail id=X]]

where X is the screenshot ID number.

0 is the default ID (SC logo) and is used when there are no screenshots.

If you feel a screenshot should be removed, please contact us with the screenshot IDs and a reason why.

Removed screenshots are not deleted. They're just hidden.

Hidden screenshots (screenshots tagged with _hidden) are kept separate from other screenshots in the galleries because they do not accurately represent the current state of a map. Development screenshots are normally hidden once a map is released, as are very old shots of map areas that no longer exist or have changed significantly.

Please note that screenshots are never deleted from SC Map DB. You can easily access a map's hidden screenshots by clicking the "show hidden/old screenshots" link underneath any of the galleries. Or visit this page to see hidden screenshots for all maps.

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