Infested is a two-part map I created for the Half-Life co-operative mod Sven Co-op. It's a walkthrough style map, meaning you progress through your surroundings and accomplish objectives on the way until reaching the end.

It's my first map. I released the first beta on the SC forums in early summer 2004. The beta was ugly and bland, but I got a lot of helpful criticism. After going through the beta stages and playtests, the map was significantly improved in visuals and gameplay. The mod's team then recognized the map and included it in its official content pack release in 2004. In 2008 an improved version of Infested was released as an official map in Sven Co-op 4.0. This really represents some of my best work.

Please see Infested's SC Map DB page for the map story, more info, credits, changelog, feedback, screenshots, and videos.

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