CreepsWorld Top 50 Sven Co-op Maps

CreepsWorld Top 50 Sven Co-op Maps

By CreepsWorld Review Team

Finally, it's here! The official CreepsWorld Sven Co-op Map Top 50. Over a period of 3 weeks, all people from the Sven Co-op community have voted for their favorite 5 maps. And for about a month after that the staff of CreepsWorld SvenCo-op has counted and wrote text for the top 50. And this here is the result of their hard work. So without further delay, CreepsWorld SvenCo-op brings you, the Map Top 50 of all time!

50. Ickyhunt
Well what can I say, not the most detailed map ever, but then again its purpose is just to provide you with some all out fun and the chance to kill some ickys! It obviously appealed to Matriarch who said "Ya that's right I love the map, I especially loved trapping people in the traps and then torturing them with the buttons "

49. Monsterbox
One of the hardest maps to find for this poll and quite an unusual one too. As most of you haven't seen it I'll explain, it basically involves you climbing large obstacles while avoiding enemies and traps. Not the most revolutionary map even, but still good fun!

48. Garghouse2k
Strangely this is Hezus' only appearance in the top 50. That doesn't matter however, as his take on the garghunt maps was rather impressive. It featured many nice sequences such as grunts invading with an APC, as well as some nice game play and good quality design.

47. SvenCoop RPG 2
"Best map I have EVER played since I got Half - Life 4 years ago. Incredible job on it Deathbog…I almost didn't go to school because I was playing it all morning." -60 MegabyteFile

46. Space Viking 2
"I LOVED this map … it had new models, took a long time to complete, and WASNT BLACK MESA!" -Turrican Salamander's sequel to the breath of fresh air that is Spaceviking proves to be an escape from reality for allot of the svencoop regulars, due to its great layout and original atmosphere. It's another one of those maps that proves Black Mesa is long gone!

45. Never
Released only a few days before voting ending this map received votes almost immediately, This map is one of the few and probably best Xen maps for Sven coop. It takes some inspiration from Phobia with its great mix of challenging puzzles and monster fighting, definitely a map for experienced players!

44. OMG
A map that shows you a small slice of the insanity that was SHELL !!! This level is sort of a general 'fun' map in which you can just run around trying out the various delights such as the spinning tunnel, and how about getting shot into a giant target?

43. Grunts
In the opinion of this humble map reviewer, the best map to appear in SvenCo-op v1.9, grunts were one of the first svenco-op walkthrough maps to feature great combat and set pieces. The sequel (grunts2) is better architecturally, but this classic sure was fun at the time.

42. Tactical Ops
This is a unique style of map; it actually requires you to use your maximum amount of stealth in order to be successful. "It may be annoying at first, because you have to play through it over and over just because of a scientist dying, but I still love playing it!" Said forum regular, EvilPentaPenguin.

41. Labflee
"Right from the beginning the map has some good architecture, texturing is good as well" -The-Real-Game Emteg's first outing provides excellent looks, sharp game play and yet another satisfying addition to the huge array of Black Mesa style maps. Some people even enjoyed walking around the map observing the environment instead of fighting the monsters!

40. Minotaurs Maze
The first good maze style map. Even though it does suffer from lag problems it's still a popular and challenging map. A truly great map to play with friends, especially when you all get lost! "Traps, and a real maze in a doom-like game. I didn't think it was possible to get lost in a map before!" Said Shin ShadowH from the Sven Coop forums.

39. Powernode
Cooleyo's Powernode series is another older map series, but it was one of the greatest. This was a massively popular map, with some really impressive settings. The levels really emphasis on using cooperation to achieve your goals, as there are some nice coop parts and many other parts that amaze whether you're playing on your own or with others. This is a level that fully deserves its place in the top Sven coop maps of all time.

38. Bunker
One of the first Sven coop maps I ever played. It's one of the truly classic maps, which never loses its shine and just seems to get better with age! This map is loved by many Sven coop regulars including Hezus who said "My favorite all time classic. I love the theme and the co-op elements." This really is a great map, its sublime game play and of course the great and original coop elements that you'll see many mapper's trying to recreate even up to this very day.

37. Subway Train
"My god, simply incredible." -60 MegabyteFile Dutchtux makes an impressive comeback after the average clone of Osprey, Cliffside. You would think Black Mesa/On A Rail environments would be getting old, but not after playing this map. It's so well put together, allowing the game play to flow superbly. Architecture is solid, presenting appropriate and sleek looks constantly. Subway Train truly makes you feel good from start to finish because of the mass effort put into its continuity. Following the trend of changing roles of NPC's, Subway
Train goes in the opposite direction and finally allows scientists to kick ass, check it out if you don't believe me… Luther's MP5 never looked better!

36. Dogs
An old but still great map series for Sven coop. You'll find yourself traveling through various well made settings, including offices, warehouses and even a quick trip to Xen! In each of the levels you find yourself solving many different puzzles, experiencing the great game play and enjoying the immense fun the map offers! It may be quite old nowadays but it's still comparable in quality to many of today's maps. Dan200 said " this was one of the cooler early map packs, featuring great set pieces "

35. Moria
"I love this level's originality! I have never played one like it, and therefore it gets extra brownie points…Architecture and Lighting are both very well done." -Deathbog Another area of life to "cash in" on the oh-so-immense hype of The Lord of the Rings is Sven Co-op mapping, as Nipper shows it can be done with his depiction of Moria. Seeing is believing as you travel through areas replicated perfectly from the box office hit, making architecture and layout the maps strong point. Game play isn't too far off as you battle hordes of evil "orcs" sent to eradicate your party… oh and try not to fall off the steps!

34. Sledge
Probably the best map made in less than 3 days for Sven coop, ever! Although this map looks like it's had months of hard work put into it, due to its great architecture and game play. Turricans outstanding amount of effort on this map puts many other mappers to shame It seems FreakingNeo feels the same way when he said "Very nice game play, and fantastic architecture for such a short time of development, he made it in 3 days"

33. Grunts 2
"…The design and construction of the level is what makes it so special…This map undoubtedly has some of the best game play ever seen in any Sven Coop map to date." -The-Real-Game Another classic Sven Co-op map makes its way into the top50, this time Grunts2 by Commando. What makes it so special? Because during one stage it was on every server constantly? No that was just coincidence. What makes this map special is the fabulous game play and the compatibility for a
large number of players while maintaining a satisfactory difficulty level. Couple that with the great support from Commando via the appropriate map updates and you have a map worthy of years of praise!

32. Hostile planet
"Massive, beautiful and very fun…. a truly brilliantly designed map." -Mutant what started out as a unique experience turned into an r_speed debate. Many conversations ensued discussing whether hplanet's lag issues made it a negative liability for the Op-op release. Finally, after the fixing of the lag issues, the map could be enjoyed to the fullest. The map is such an impressive experience; it allows you to fall into the space atmosphere easily. Sparking enjoyment left and right throughout servers, Hostile Planet provides an interesting storyline, an eye-catching environment and an incredibly fun space

31. Delta Return
"This is a fantastic map. Nothing at tall like the original Delta Research. The architecture is great, especially in the OpFor style areas, and the textures truly make the map." -Dan200 The-Real-Game makes his second appearance with the return to his popular debut map DeltaR. Solid game play, retina-pleasing looks, but what really makes the map unique is the atmosphere, presented fabulously through the use of new textures, posing a welcome return to the Opposing Force environment rather than that of Black Mesa. The map also joins
GManTowers in helping the otherwise lovable Otis get his own back on the players who frequently blew him up for a laugh!

30. Helebat Series
The first time I played I thought "God, this maps a bit short" Then after finding out mad jonesy made it I quickly changed my opinion (just kidding jonesy ) This was one of the maps that defined early Sven coop, you really needed to use team play to stand a chance against the constant airborne attacks been thrown at you. We should also credit helebat as the reason Sven coop has such a great team member, who is sniper of course. He said, "Helebat2 was why I became interested in Sven coop. It was just fun"

29. Tower Series
This was one of those rare maps that comes around every now and then, from an unknown mapper and turns out to be a stunning map series. The thing that made tower such a great series was its great range of environments. Features allot of great architecture and general good looks throughout. Then comes the game play, which is nothing short of excellent as it features a wide variety, and doesn't just resort to the old "Shooting a never ending mass of enemies" formula that many other maps do. Various forum members heaped praise upon it, MutantMFM said "An action packed map series from the top of a skyscraper to the engine room of a battleship." While Turrican thought "It's been a while since there's been a map series out, and this one was great, set in an urban environment. Original setting and good game play."

28. Nightmare
Another old map, and one of the first ever truly successful walkthrough maps made for Sven Co-op. An interesting integrated plot, and importantly, team play: These two elements made it stand heads and shoulders above almost all
competition at the time, and it can still hold it's own in the map cycles. Another defining map of Sven Co-op, and very fun, with plenty of combat, against a range of monsters, and of course plenty of set pieces and scripted sequences to progress the map, giving boredom a back seat.

27. Gruntwar
"Classic, very good game play, love grunt battles" -Hawk5801 as you can tell from the quote, nothing specials required to comment on this creation. Not because it's nothing special, oh no, rather because you don't need to say anything else, the game play really does shine in this masterpiece from Ike. Starting off in your own small establishment, you must traverse several grunt areas to get to the supercomputer of an underground base, headed by none other than the guy you all love to hate, G-Man. Even after you think the map's over, you have one more challenge to face, which is getting out without having your arse blown off. Above average architecture, superb game play and generally a damn fun map to play!

26. Durga
Take a good look at this map and you'll realize how much little time has been put into it. From the monster placement around the base, to the balancing: It's absolutely terrible in the way of design… And yet it's quite simply one of the fun nest maps to play. Reminiscent of Serious Sam in its mindless carnage, its reminds you so much of team plays, laughs and of course fun. It truly deserves its position, as it is just such a great map to play.

25. Infiltrate
Duddas first and so far only map for Sven coop, but if you only ever made one map in your life, you'd be proud to have made this one. Dudda has managed to incorporate everything that makes a map great. From the realistic feel of the reception area, right up to the battle outside with the robogrunts the looks and game play of the map rarely falter.

24. Undeath
Yet another appearance in the top 50 by Deathbog, this times its with the rather good undeath. Ever wanted to be in your own horror movie? Well this map definitely provides a pretty good idea of how it would feel like to be in a town full of zombies. You'll be on the end of your wits throughout the entire map, as its packed full of freighting moments! It even managed to scare FreakingNeo who said "Its so damn scary! When I first played it I was so scared I just sat on the light pole the whole time and let everybody do the rest! "

23. Mega Monster Massacre
Probably one of deatnbogs most successful maps. He manages to create a level that isn't very serious in its story, but still provides the player with some great fun. This is the sort of map you can just pick up and play; you just need to know how to pull the trigger, it really is that simple. It also makes great use of the now common Model Replacement Technology, with some pretty weird and wonderful creatures.

22. Hostage 2
Probably one of the best sequels ever, hostage was a great map, but this is just incredible. I can go as far as saying this map is the best I have ever played in Sven coop. It just contains all the raw elements of a map that make it great, its fantastic puzzles and flow, the superb design and architecture and of course the stunning game play. If you haven't played this map you should be ashamed, it is THE map for Sven coop. After playing this you will see just why Kenny is such a respected mapper.

21. Horde
Mad Jonesy - "This map pretty much defined early Sven Co-op." This really is the oldest map in the poll, and it quite deservedly stands there. One of the first maps I ever played, and the basis on which Sven Co-op lived for so long. It's scenario and concept was actually pretty simple, but of course there can be the simplest answers to the hardest questions, and horde just stood out for this. It's played more than just about any other map out there, and this just goes to show its appeal. And old map, which lagged like hell, but a classic.

20. Hostage
Kennys thrilling debut map, it was truly an innovator in new elements of teamwork. It was the first map to bring the idea of rescuing hostages into Sven coop and it impressively managed to pull it off in style. The greatness didn't end there however, Kenny made sure the entire level was of a great quality in all aspects of design, from the great architecture and design, right up to the fine game play. Our very own Reviewer BMTwigzta had nothing but praise for this map " The map stays perfect throughout, as the ensuing game play adds to the already professional look. " This map is still extremely popular right up to this very day and the legend will no doubt live on for a long time to come.

19. MG386 OSP
A legendary map series by anyone's standards, the levels definitely lacked allot in the looks department but the sheer design and awesome playability of the series shined brighter than any other element in the maps. One of the first custom maps that I ever played; this was one that truly opened my eyes up to the many great maps that I'd never heard of. The way this series manages to flow from level to level is truly amazing, with shortcuts been placed at exactly the right places, this was one of the earlier maps that showed just how good team play could provide you with endless entertainment. A most worthy series fully deserving its place in top 50.

18. Wired
Mutant - This map is made so accurately within the BMRF universe it would seem that Paul has spent whole months just getting the whole feel of the map perfect… It's combat and monster placement are judged brilliantly… A classic. Good summary - shame who wrote it. But nevertheless, this map is just that, a classic. Built to within the BMRF universe perfectly, it's as if Paul just sliced a part out of one of the cut maps from Half-Life, and with such finely balanced combat it's rarely ever boring or slow. The definite kind of map you'd expect from a professional, and hopefully not the last either.

17. Stadium Series
Not exactly a map really, more like a place to vent your anger or frustration. These maps basically consist of a main arena, and some space surrounding it in which you can control what enemies you can fight, air strike the arena, flood it or just nuke it! This map may not contain allot of depth to it, is rather simple in its nature and doesn't look that great, but it still has the elements of fun and chance to experiment with different monster battles. It also kicks ass at LAN parties!

16. SvenCoop RPG
Arguably Deathbog's best map, this is a huge achievement, not just in size, but also in game play. Taking an original approach, Deathbog has molded a map that proves to be 'crazy' as some forumers put it, but also incredibly fun. The idea of classes encouraged co-operability, and of course the sheer horde of monsters only emphasizes this more . An incredibly fun map.

15. Project Guilty
Creeping Death - Just original, extreme quality in architecture and textures, great story, really forces you to co-operate with your team members. Without a doubt the biggest map series available. Couple that with some absolutely beautiful textures, and incredibly intense battles, and you have a pretty close winner. Project Guilty was and still is ground breaking. It's combat is always there, and of course, always a good challenge. Huge, immersive, beautiful, challenging - need I say more?

14. Why
Freaking Neo - Love the architecture, and I like the style of monster placement and the robot assassins Creeping Death - Just because of the textures, they're all custom, the map just has a great atmosphere Loved and yet disliked by many, this map was made by our own The-Real-Game. New textures, nice architecture and some challenging combat all piece together the puzzle to make a map that stands out already for some great plot making and interesting set-pieces and puzzles. A mixed bag when it comes to opinions, although it seems to stand pretty popular according to the votes, this map is really quite a gift.

13. Crisis 2
Flashbang - Come on, it's really a CLASSIC… I've probably played this map 1001 times It just doesn't get boring… other maps miss this as they are just "rush and destroy"-maps. Crisis2 is different… Another golden oldie, and still extremely popular (as the servers and votes show). This was top-notch when released, and despite getting it on in, well, years now, it can still rack up play time, and Flashbang is right: It's unique style of game play - from riding the trains with teammates, to jumping through obstacles together - mean that it's just repayable again and again and again, even to this day.

12. Exhale
Yet another old map series makes an appearance high up in the top 50, this time it's exhale. It may not be resounding for great looks, or texturing, but it does have a good mix of fast game play with some well-made traps and puzzle elements. This is definitely a map that put game play and quantity before design. Back in the days of 1.3 and 1.9 this was the only real alternative to the operation retribution series and definitely provide it with some tough competition! " I hated the downloading part. But after I dl'ed it back at 1.9, it was a good moment of playing. " - Mugsy2002

11. Leprechaun
In my opinion one of the most ambitious undertakings by a mapper ever in Sven coop. It was easy to doubt this map would ever be released due to the sheer size and amount of work that would of been put into it, originally started off as a map Penguin was trying to make in under a month, but soon transformed into the masterpiece we have today. This map completely throws away the Black Mesa theme, set in a completely different world to it in terms of looks and feel. This map set is probably the most original seen for Sven coop ever, and definitely one of the best. Some people didn't like it just because of the size, but if you sit down for an hour or so and play through the whole map you can appreciate the effort put into it and experience the fantastic gaming you receive from it.

10. Gitfest Series
"This map really is a welcome change from the standard theme maps. It's probably one of the best city based levels I've seen before. " -The Real Game on Gitfest4 the recent phenomenon turned map series classic. Put simply by the creator "my first map, just trying mapping out for the first time". This was evident in the first two maps in terms of architecture and general atmosphere, but as time went on Gitrman improved. What makes this series so interesting to play through is that it's almost like a virtual diary of one mappers learning curve. Gradually the architecture, game play and layout increases in quality, until you're left with a map willing to give you plenty of those mass-craved SvenCo-op experiences of laughs and general monster Spam carnage! "I love this map… I played this map multiple times last night and I found absolutely nothing wrong with It." -Snowcarve on Gitfest3 so why is there such a fuss over a simple map pack? Well apart from the game play that sticks throughout, accompanied by the atmospheric detail seen in later installments, it's still continuing… To this date Gitfest5 has just been released, and the saga's only getting' better!

9. Svencoop 1 / Svencoop 2 Series
Why's this here? Quite simply because it is Sven Co-op. The first ever map, and still doing pretty strongly. The very creator of the mod released this released so long ago that Counter-Strike Beta 1 hadn't been released. Hell I don't even think it was in testing by Gooseman. And here it is, years later, at number nine in the Top 50 chart. Pretty impressive. And why? In my opinion it's because it's the perfect mould of single and multiplayer - i.e. Sven Co-op. It has scripted sequences, causes and effects, an interactive plot and some great combat - and all of these are geared towards co-operability. It's sadly one of the few maps that does lean so towards co-operability, but this only makes it stronger of course. Its attitude as well is also very refreshing - innovative, freeform and even though it's layout and flow may not match, it actually survives this mishap and grows stronger because of it. And to be honest really, it would be a crime for Sven Co-op if this map weren't in the Top 10 right?

8. Assault on Black Mesa 2
Two of the largest maps ever seen for Sven coop, as most people said, they seem to go on forever! This was one map that you really did need a massive team of players for, as you soon encounter large armies of soldiers, black ops and various aliens. It wasn't just the team play contained throughout both maps that made these levels so great; the creator, Penguin, always fulfilled every other aspect to a high level. The looks of the levels were also hard to believe as when your working on this sort of scale details hard to implement, but Penguin managed to do a fantastic job of making sure the maps looked superb. Game play was also smooth and flowing. Regardless of the huge level size. "It's a wonderful map. Excellent job." - Sniper "This should be in the map showcase gold HEAVEN" - BMTwigzta " These maps were simply breathtaking. Long, hard and atmospheric. The ending was brilliant; the sounds of thunder at the end made it feel 10 times better. This is without a doubt the best map I have ever played for Sven coop!" - Turrican Quite simply these maps would not of looked out of place in the original half-life or as a standalone add on, they really are that good.

7. Shattered
If there's one thing that I think everyone can agree on about shattered, it's that the shortcuts of this map are the best out there. Quite simply. Seems peculiar to start off like this, but why not start off with something that stands about 3 feet above every other map out there - Sven co-op or not. But of course it doesn't end there - Shattered is a fabulously frantic map. There is plenty of action and then some, there's some great looks, loads of settings throughout the map. All the shortcuts work like set pieces in them, and there's a fair bit of exploration to do. And all that crazy combat of course means you can't help BUT work co-operatively. Put quite simply, I have never ever felt bored while playing Shattered. It keeps you perpetually on the edge of your seat, and don't be surprised to find red marks on your hands from where you've been gripping the mouse so hard.

6. Operation Retribution
A hugely ambitious map series, this map pack is ages old, but still stands out for just being huge and well designed. Without a doubt, its presentation is great - it's set in the BMRF universe, and has some of the best designed combat sequences of all maps. It's coherent in its structure and layout, and getting through it is by all means no simple feat - even with about four or five other people they're to help you! Sadly it has been discontinued, and this was starting to look like the end of series for Sven Co-op, until some ripent happy mapper started to toy around with the map, and so came up with the map blackops from one the operation retribution maps, and so life goes on for the series. This really is one of the biggest and popular map series out, shown by the amount of time it's been around, the amount it's played and of course also its position on the chart. Really truly fabulous.

5. Incoming
Incoming was the first map to take random entities seriously. And not just that, it took a great many innovative steps, involving sequences, a plot and set-pieces that were genuinely new and original to the mod; and the result was that the masses fell in love. Its original plot idea is that of you being a force of guards defending a base from attack. Pretty run of the mill right? The fact was that the base could be attacked from different sides, and the result was that every time you played the map, the game play differed, and you had different objectives to complete - and this results in the almost doubling of replay ability. But that alone couldn't have made it do so well without the help it got with other areas; such as the plot, though it was rubbish, admittedly, it was at least integrated into the game, and this made it exciting; and then there was the difficulty - for some it was excessive, though you can't deny it helped co-operability immensely. It's one of those great maps that demonstrate mapping skill at it's best; its creativity is incredible and it is certainly one that everyone who intends to map for Sven Co-op should check out.

4. Gmantowers
Dan200s first entrance into the land of Sven Coop mapping was a delightful one indeed. It's quite hard to put into words just how good this map is, there are so many things about it that make it a legendary map. Maybe the great sense of atmosphere throughout the map? Or could it be the impressive looks contained in the entire level? And what about the fact the map just oozes playability? Hell, it's all of these things and much more that make this map a true all time classic. The public's appreciation of this map helped to propel the maker Dan200 from been unknown to a successful mapper almost overnight. "I have to say this map is superb, wonderful! Architecture is damn good, as is the storyline and gameplay." - BMTwigzta "Great map! My only gripe is that it ended."

3. Osprey
Freaking Neo - The map is perfect it stays fun. Architecture is nice; when you don't want to shoot the osprey there are lots of other things to do. A top map! And its also fun to ripent the map BMTWigzta - The longest running classic in existence. There are no new textures, models or ideas; it's merely a map where an osprey flies around and around dropping grunts until you finally blast it down. Why does it work so well? The game play is absolutely perfect, the layout is absolutely perfect, and the flow is so well kept. If you don't want to join in the others blasting down the osprey, you can walk away and find yourself battling a few slaves for an enclosed egon gun no one knows about. 60 Megabyte File - Great game play and superb level design make this a great map to play over and over. Mutant - This map is just perfect. It flows incredibly casually, tosses competition aside. It's still pretty good looking, and Area 2 is still a thrill to explore after all these years. Plus the osprey monster is probably the best in all Half-Life, and it's been setup brilliantly in the central pitch; the crates have been placed accurately and tactically, and I'm still discovering new strategies to this day. Just, perfect. Chocoba65 - Wow this is a good map, it never gets old, it's for just relaxing when you want a break from the "puzzle" maps, I love getting the hidden egon gun and just making that copter smoke! Sharkman - Osprey - its like the 2fort of Sven coop. Mad Jonesy - Because this map can't have enough votes. Ever.

2. Extension
Oh man, don't even get me started on this map. I've been lucky enough to have tested this map right from the point where it was just a few rooms, right up to the masterpiece it is today! It all started out as a side project from Dan200s other map, Bodyguards. Then you started to realize how it was more than a mere side project. The map just started to fill up with more and more great puzzles. The architecture kept on expanding and soon transformed into some stunning pieces of eye candy. The even more impressive thing was how Dan200 has managed to get the whole Black Mesa style down to a tee, which made the map feel as though it had come straight out of the half-life world. The final product was immediately added to the next version of Sven coop and was to be seen on servers everywhere for many months to come, it was good to see the public recognized how great a map this was.

1. Toonrun
Interestingly, when I first saw this map and played it on Map Showcase my first impressions weren't too great. I thought it was indeed a bit rubbish, a bit bland, a bit laggy - no scrap that - very laggy, and to be honest I was a little resentful of it being moved to the Best of Showcase. As far as I could see, it did not deserve its position, as it was just a simple gimmicky map.

And so time goes by and everyone else who's played the map seems to love it, and I find myself trying to come to terms with this. I was obviously not right, and before long, after playing it over and over again, I began to really enjoy it. And then it's fantastic features came out clearly to me: The originality, the beauty, the combat, the plot, the humor and just the pure fact that it showed how incredibly powerful Sven Co-op truly is over every other mod out there. It utilizes everything from new textures, to new models to great design, to a humorous backdrop all to make this an incredible experience.

It pretty much changed the way I observed and made maps in future. It taught me of the importance to just enjoy yourself, and do what you think is great. Needless to say, I now feel exceedingly foolish for my first impressions of toonrun.

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