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2008 2012 boms featured fun puzzle scary secrets walkthrough


2014 boms co-oprequired ctf featured losable pvp

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Re: Nope.
BlueSparkBlueSpark 12 Apr 2015 23:58
in discussion / Map Comments » Greybox

Correct. The fact that he has given himself 1800 XP and has nearly 600HP and 500AP is not a coincidence - it's the only way he can play his own map! X[

It's designed to frustrate and annoy, and at the end - nothing; that's your reward…

Re: Nope. by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 12 Apr 2015 23:58
Re: Nope.
w00tguy123w00tguy123 12 Apr 2015 23:12
in discussion / Map Comments » Greybox

I had to try it because you made me curious and it looked a little interesting from the screenshots.

Three minutes in and I'm frustrated. As the map progresses I can almost hear the mapper laughing at me.

Re: Nope. by w00tguy123w00tguy123, 12 Apr 2015 23:12
BlueSparkBlueSpark 12 Apr 2015 13:11
in discussion / Map Comments » Greybox

Just NO.

(If you don't believe me, just try it.. or better still, *don't*…)

Playing this map is like drilling holes in your head - it's painful and unpleasant, pretty soon you're wondering why you are doing it, and it only gets better when you stop..

Nope. by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 12 Apr 2015 13:11
Looking forward to playing
rautamiekkarautamiekka 12 Apr 2015 00:57
in discussion / Map Comments » Deluge

This map looks interesting, and particularly the shotgun (I think it's a shotgun) looks awesome.

Looking forward to playing by rautamiekkarautamiekka, 12 Apr 2015 00:57
cold_blood3dcold_blood3d 11 Apr 2015 23:36
in discussion / Map Comments » Operation Black Thunder

Thanks for the investigation. I am deleting this page. It clearly does not fit the definition of a Sven Co-op map.

Removal by cold_blood3dcold_blood3d, 11 Apr 2015 23:36

There are bug with gold emblem and identificator in sven coop 4.8 so please repair it. Bug - there aren't everywhere golden emblem I searching , and doing map with walkthrought and also in webs I search no only me have this bug, so waiting for fix :) Also I love this map ^^

Bug by Piotr KyokushinPiotr Kyokushin, 05 Apr 2015 18:39
BlueSparkBlueSpark 05 Apr 2015 13:15
in discussion / Map Comments » Operation Black Thunder

Nope - it's not for Svencoop.

As far as I can tell, the maps have simply been copied form the HLSP mod with no modifications at all. Regularly they break and need noclip to proceed; there's no multiple spawn-points (which breaks the map in the cliff section, where [with telefrag 0] multiple spawning from a single site bumps spawning players off the cliff, causing map restart with terminal looping) and critical animations/features are missing or broken (such as dropping the crate on the sniper tower - the crane and crucial shackle are invisible; the crate floats stupidly in the air) as well as several doors which can't be opened due to broken sequences (e.g. dam section - door to broken pipe), and an invisible wall across an exit vent in the jet fighter hangar which can't be lowered, all of which really spoils the fun for the whole thing.

I imagine that critical text prompts are also missing, as are the proper (custom) weapons, and with no cfg files, default loadout is wrong and a pain.

The worst part is the lack of nomaptrans, so that you are *always* tripping over an invisible mapchange trigger, and reverting to the previous map - only, of course, now it's reset again - it drives you barmy after a while!

Also the balancing is strictly for SP with no XPM, and maybe many monsters are missing, but most of the maps are woefully empty.

If someone with the knowledge, skill and will to do it were to pick these up and convert them properly, they could be made to be awesome Sven maps! Currently, they are pretty limp specimens.

by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 05 Apr 2015 13:15
Re: Looks good!
Banan The BenefatorBanan The Benefator 17 Mar 2015 01:24
in discussion / Map Comments » Cyclone

Thank you for your suggestions!
I have the same feeling about doors, and I don't know why I kept them on my map. I'll replace them with something more practical in next release.

Maybe female voice should be replaced with some kind of simple sound (or completely removed), but I'll think about it.

Re: Looks good! by Banan The BenefatorBanan The Benefator, 17 Mar 2015 01:24
Looks good!
BlueSparkBlueSpark 12 Mar 2015 13:17
in discussion / Map Comments » Cyclone

So far so good! Looking smart, plays well enough so far..

The doors are a total pain, they are more dangerous than the monsters. In my opinion, replace the disastrous. terrible swinging doors with sliding ones (or with *anything* for that matter - it would be a vast improvement).

The patronizing female voice "mission announcer" is annoying, but maybe that's just me. Seems redundant..

Res file works, I had no missing-file errors.. :)

Good job, it will be interesting to see what's next!

Looks good! by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 12 Mar 2015 13:17
Error :(
triple_h_stgtriple_h_stg 05 Mar 2015 18:59
in discussion / Map Comments » Cyclone

Mod_NumForName: sprites/sc_cyclone/prok.spr not found

Error :( by triple_h_stgtriple_h_stg, 05 Mar 2015 18:59

Does someone know the name of the song that plays during the final boss battle? I heard it before, but I never known the name.

Song name? by Real_MafiosoReal_Mafioso, 03 Mar 2015 07:21
StromfuchsStromfuchs 17 Feb 2015 20:44
in discussion / Map Comments » Deluge

Then you'r can't play this map.

by StromfuchsStromfuchs, 17 Feb 2015 20:44
BlueSparkBlueSpark 17 Feb 2015 10:50
in discussion / Map Comments » Mision73

Functional, but short linear shooter. About 10 mins, with zero replay value.

ok.. by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 17 Feb 2015 10:50
yucinludvikyucinludvik 16 Feb 2015 18:04
in discussion / Map Comments » Deluge

Hunk_Alloc: failed on 2827976 bytes :[ error
please help! we'r dont play on steam.

by yucinludvikyucinludvik, 16 Feb 2015 18:04
Re: oops
BlueSparkBlueSpark 13 Feb 2015 12:09
in discussion / Map Comments » Sven Coop Adventure

Ok good job - but i don't know what happened, the map just crashes permanently within a minute or so of starting whether it's on the server or LAN. I reinstalled it, and got the German text version (I had the English text one previously) but it atill crashes the client totally. It's running fine in the server, but it's death to my (and my friend's) client.. :/

Update: client crashes on attempting to load model "Eraft07.mdl" which isn't present in the download.

Re: oops by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 13 Feb 2015 12:09
SC-DynamiteSC-Dynamite 09 Feb 2015 14:50
in discussion / Map Comments » The Community Map Project

I repacked the zip with .res files for all maps. Permission from Nih.
v2 is available to download from the new mirrors.

by SC-DynamiteSC-Dynamite, 09 Feb 2015 14:50
HezusHezus 09 Feb 2015 09:41
in discussion / Map Comments » Quarter

I actually made this map back in 2005, back when game-modes where hardly seen in SC. The proper code for the original idea of the map took another 8 years to finally get done, and still is only partially done.

It may seem like I "jumped the bandwagon' but in fact, this was intended to be a player vs player map, backed up with AI on both teams. I even toyed with an "overseer" role for a while. The map gathered dust for a good 7 years and I decided to release it anyway with a dumbed down form of the intended gameplay.

Granted, the design could have been more interesting (more elevations, suprises, etc) but it's hardly unfair. You can beat the map with a few players on the Easy mode. As for boring, that's your own opinion.

by HezusHezus, 09 Feb 2015 09:41
Re: Missing wads..
cold_blood3dcold_blood3d 05 Feb 2015 05:19
in discussion / Map Comments » Tor Attack

if this hasn't been fixed yet, could someone please upload the .zip with the correct folder structure with all of the required files? thanks!

Re: Missing wads.. by cold_blood3dcold_blood3d, 05 Feb 2015 05:19
cold_blood3dcold_blood3d 05 Feb 2015 05:16
in discussion / Map Comments » Z.A.I.D

hey Zaid! can you please upload the map, screenshots, and update the page with some information?

by cold_blood3dcold_blood3d, 05 Feb 2015 05:16
Brief fun
BlueSparkBlueSpark 30 Jan 2015 13:06
in discussion / Map Comments » Starcraft

A fun distraction for 10 minutes, not too bad at all!

However, there seems to be no proper ending - when you step into a teleport cubicle (I presume, it's either that or a pretty high-tech shower) and press the button, you get a zap sprite but nothing else..

Brief fun by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 30 Jan 2015 13:06
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