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2018 80´s arena defense fun horde kill retro synthwave wait


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secrets walkthrough work-in-progress


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2018 pvp


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2018 difficulty:hard featured fun music skills survival


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2017 conversion pvp size:small snow


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2018 arena walkthrough


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2017 horde survival zombies


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2017 difficulty:hard featured scary size:large total-conversion walkthrough zombies


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2017 abandoned func_vehicle needs-pics pvp


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2017 conversion walkthrough


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2018 black-mesa puzzle sectore space walkthrough work-in-progress


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2010 black-mesa boss needs-info space walkthrough


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2012 duplicate-page horde needs-info


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2002 size:small test


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2004 abandoned needs-info snow walkthrough



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abandoned fun walkthrough


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abandoned escape walkthrough


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2002 abandoned walkthrough


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2010 escape fun traps


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boss horde needs-info


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boss horde needs-info


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2016 horde needs-info


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2017 horde


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2010 needs-info walkthrough


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2012 class-based co-oprequired defense needs-info


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2011 class-based co-oprequired defense needs-info

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2017 co-oprequired difficulty:medium featured size:medium walkthrough


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2017 featured scary series size:large survival total-conversion walkthrough


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2017 difficulty:hard featured scary size:large total-conversion walkthrough zombies


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2017 co-oprequired difficulty:medium featured size:small walkthrough

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2017 boms secrets walkthrough


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2016 scary series survival total-conversion


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2002 2003 2008 boms creepsworld-top50 difficulty:medium fun official official-screlease puzzle rcbot size:large survival svencoop4 svencoop5 walkthrough


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2017 boss horde

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JPolitoJPolito 17 Jan 2018 17:02
in discussion / Map Comments » Ragemap 2016 Part 2

If that's true, I actually might agree, because racism is toxic garbage that shouldn't be published in any maps. And that's partially why I quit the ragemap 2016 project.

by JPolitoJPolito, 17 Jan 2018 17:02
Joce93Joce93 17 Jan 2018 16:18
in discussion / Map Comments » Arena Synthwave

Please convert the .wav to .ogg
80MB just of sounds for players to download is too much.

..and this map is boring. I just left after 10 minutes of non-stop horde of baby gargantuas. If you want to make a horde map, please at least change the ennemies. Players were wondering if there is a trigger_end on this map.

.wav by Joce93Joce93, 17 Jan 2018 16:18
TruthSpeaker (guest) 17 Jan 2018 16:14
in discussion / SC / SC Map DB » can i release n***** d**ks.bsp map?

Yiss plz ur maps make me we- I MEAN they are cool and funny xoxo

by TruthSpeaker (guest), 17 Jan 2018 16:14
SV BOYSV BOY 17 Jan 2018 11:27
in discussion / Map Comments » Arena Synthwave

dont worry dude i will post screenshots
also add me on steam

Hey you! , Yes you! Have a good day <3

by SV BOYSV BOY, 17 Jan 2018 11:27
Re: Unfortunate
SC-DynamiteSC-Dynamite 17 Jan 2018 09:25
in discussion / Map Comments » 5chan

Hi. At the bottom of every map's page there is a "Flag as objectionable" link. Click it and report any page you find that breaks the rules and we'll look into it. Preferably also comment on the page which rule paragraphs the page breaks for quicker handling. Thank you!

Re: Unfortunate by SC-DynamiteSC-Dynamite, 17 Jan 2018 09:25

This map is also obscene and must be removed.

CryoKeenCryoKeen 17 Jan 2018 06:45
in discussion / Map Comments » 5chan

This map violates many rules of wiki dot and must be removed as well. Sorry!

Unfortunate by CryoKeenCryoKeen, 17 Jan 2018 06:45

So this map has an actual picture of a male erect penis, attached to a model, and there are flying penises everywhere at the end of the map.

So since we are all up and up here I figure it needs to be removed from the database right?

CryoKeenCryoKeen 17 Jan 2018 04:29
in discussion / Map Comments » Ragemap 2016 Part 2

So I'm told the end of this map is black scientists being run over while the Moon man KKK song is playing. That's extremely racist. I think this map might not be appropriate for the WikiDot. We should like, remove all maps that make anyone slightly uncomfortable or might push any boundaries.

Who's with me into this brave new world of PC only culture?

by CryoKeenCryoKeen, 17 Jan 2018 04:29

So your response is to call me a shitty person and make fun of me, you guys are sure the professional and mature ones here.

I just like to make fun maps, it's really not my problem if you guys can't take A JOKE, on THE INTERNET, where im sure you've laughed at a racist joke at one point or another.

So again, what kinds of maps are allowed? sex.bsp? Yes, I like to push the boundarys, your choice is to either deal with me, or ban me from here too.

The connotations of dick models versus a racial slur are incomparable. Stop trying to 'push the boundaries of society' or whatever the hell you think you're doing by being a racist piece of shit.

i don't really see why releasing this here would be a problem, but i think title is what's really throwing off dynamite here, not the content inside. ragemap, and dicks aren't really specifically targeted slurs or anything. i think something could work between the mods here for the title so it can be hosted.

pac (guest) 17 Jan 2018 02:46
in discussion / SC / SC Map DB » can i release n***** d**ks.bsp map?

AFAIK, the purpose of this site is to have an as-complete-as-can-be archive of SC maps. I don't see why the personal feelings of someone running the site (or people who participate on the site) should be enough to keep a map out of the archive. Feel however you want about the-word-we-keep-eluding-to-but-can't-say, but excluding it for that reason seems irrational.

Ghostfuck and Ragemap have already been brought up as examples of maps that, being clear, puritans would find objectionable, yet they're on the site. Why?

by pac (guest), 17 Jan 2018 02:46

Uh, alright, can I get a bit more than that, maybe from other people on the site?

You know Ragemap2016 contains the penis models, it's been on the site for years and no one complained.

So how can I release this map? What modifications do i have to make to meet the sites requirements?

edit: Dynamite: What do i need to do to modify it to your standards/the sites standards? There is already 4chan map, ghost fuck, ragemap penises, is this the limit? how can i step back from that limit? whitedicks? asiandicks? dicks.bsp? I'm an adult, your an adult, let's work this out like adults! here is a preview video of the map

The map is intended to break the mold, so I see "ghostfuck" got released with no disturbance, I am happy about this honestly. However this map might violate some of the rules of wikidot.

I am willing to call the map "nword" here, but the actual bsp name I am not too into changeing. So yeah, can I not release this map here? I made it years ago and didn't really finish it, but theres enough to play if people want to.

So whats the verdict?

Re: No.
kalo22kalo22 16 Jan 2018 01:51
in discussion / Map Comments » PVP Palanca

Nevermind , you can keep drilling that "Co-op" :) , you can't kill semi-mode "deathmatch" here with your accusing.

We will keep making custom HLDM maps for these players who have good memories in HL:DM :D

Kill a player with gauss,rpg,egon,sporelauncher, much funnier than bullet all the way (Counter-Strike)

Re: No. by kalo22kalo22, 16 Jan 2018 01:51
Re: Try again.
BlueSparkBlueSpark 15 Jan 2018 14:03
in discussion / Map Comments » PVP Palanca

The simpler ones may well get tedious, but at least with so much monster AI and different Players, they're never quite the same twice and even for simple ones such as zeta_threepaths, it's all about the way you play them which can be very different each time. Sure if you just run through with high XP ignoring everything and leaving everyone else to be killed then yes, your games will be boring, because you're missing the essential element which is WORKING IN A TEAM. This fundamental principle of SC is sadly lacking these days, too many players either don't know how to, can't or just WON'T play co-operatively. Way too many public games these days are played "f**k you" style, which I believe stems directly from the prevailing deathmatch culture. This is why it's worth nurturing co-op games (what few there are) and stopping them from becoming just more boring deathmatch.

The "something else" you talk about should be making better, dynamic co-op maps which reward teamwork and penalise "f**k you" gameplay. Building a functioning team from complete strangers of differing abilities, cultures and languages is very satisfying for all participants and I've made many friends this way, and none through deathmatch games. I've helped plenty new players get into the spirit of the game, and seen them continuing to play, often for years, which is more infinitely rewarding than shooting them in the head repeatedly until bored senseless - aka deathmatch.

If you want boring, play CS.

Re: Try again. by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 15 Jan 2018 14:03
Re: No.
BlueSparkBlueSpark 15 Jan 2018 13:46
in discussion / Map Comments » PVP Palanca

No, co-op game shouldn't have deathmatch, because it's co-op, not deathmatch - the clue is in the name of the game. There's no end of deathmatch games out there, but very few functioning co-op games. If you want to play deathmatch, go and play counter strike rather than trying to corrupt one of the last intrinsically co-op titles.

Actually I know very well what the world looks like thanks, I also recognize the futility of arguing with idiots.

Re: No. by BlueSparkBlueSpark, 15 Jan 2018 13:46
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