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2017 co-oprequired custommodels difficulty:medium featured fun horror music scary secrets sounds svencoop5 zombies


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cold_blood3dcold_blood3d 29 Apr 2017 07:06
in discussion / Map Comments » Hlm Mission

I haven't actually played any of these, but I suspect this might be related to "RandMap" usage. On the Mattm Randmap page, it says the maps were made by Randmap, a tool that generates maps randomly using predefined themes and prefabs.

RandMap supports "random generation of rooms with 30 different basic types of rooms, each type with numerous variation of dimensions created algorithmically. Automatically creates .map file, runs QCSG, QB RandMap is a program that creates random maps for the Half-Life. At the moment is supports Half-Life single player and the SvenCoop modification, which is a modification whereby players can play Half-Life cooperatively."

The output from this tool all probably looks similar. Entire rooms and areas are basically identical.

Randmap by cold_blood3dcold_blood3d, 29 Apr 2017 07:06
GarompaGarompa 28 Apr 2017 22:09
in discussion / Map Comments » Hlm Mission

so far I've seen these maps uploaded with different author names like 4 times already. I don't remember the other map names but one of the map series was mattm01, 02, etc… all of these series can be checked because at least one of the maps always has the same damn unique vent with a ladder and iron bars on the ceiling at spawn.

All of them filled with overpopulation (all monsters spawn at once) creating lag across the map until players kill enough. Starting in a cube with friendly npcs and some other dead npcs, spanning across simple hallways filled with death until the end.

This seems to be the more "polished" version. Unless 2 or 3 other people stole the map design I believe this should be hunted down and adressed leaving only the most updated version to date. They are all very old maps and very ugly ones I must admit so cleaning things up a bit shouldn't bother anyone. Maybe even reupload them in a pack or something.

by GarompaGarompa, 28 Apr 2017 22:09
GarompaGarompa 28 Apr 2017 20:03
in discussion / Map Comments » Castle Defence

played it but seems it has no end. Enemies stop spawning and thats it.

by GarompaGarompa, 28 Apr 2017 20:03
GarompaGarompa 28 Apr 2017 19:33
in discussion / Map Comments » The_Dust

seems the map has no weapons, you start out with only 5 grenades. Later on, last bomb strips you even of those so you have to suicide run into planting the bomb.

Looks like its broken

by GarompaGarompa, 28 Apr 2017 19:33
DELETE by Cadaver182Cadaver182, 28 Apr 2017 04:05
GarompaGarompa 27 Apr 2017 18:57
in discussion / Map Comments » Loxton

button for door makes the door move parallel to the floor xD (cant open it)

by GarompaGarompa, 27 Apr 2017 18:57
Empty files
extrashadyextrashady 26 Apr 2017 21:00
in discussion / Map Comments » JustZombies

Looks like there are two 0 byte files in your sound directory:

Precaching 0 byte files can cause hangs and crashes. I'm not sure if your map references them, but I would probably delete/replace them and repack just to make sure.

Empty files by extrashadyextrashady, 26 Apr 2017 21:00
GarompaGarompa 26 Apr 2017 08:25
in discussion / Map Comments » Tox Surface

first map has no spawn points!

by GarompaGarompa, 26 Apr 2017 08:25
GarompaGarompa 25 Apr 2017 19:27
in discussion / Map Comments » JustZombies

this is good mapping right here, fun stuff, I liked the mansion better it was hilarious. nice to have people that dont just copy paste stuff from other mods, something that seems to be a trend these days.

by GarompaGarompa, 25 Apr 2017 19:27
Re: Fast DL problem
UnzumutbarUnzumutbar 24 Apr 2017 21:40
in discussion / Map Comments » JustZombies

Thanks for Testing. I'm already working on a fix.
I will release it within an hour.

Re: Fast DL problem by UnzumutbarUnzumutbar, 24 Apr 2017 21:40
Re: Fast DL problem
Cadaver182Cadaver182 24 Apr 2017 21:30
in discussion / Map Comments » JustZombies

Hey, I make a fix for FastDL, you need to rename all folders whit mayus in models, sounds, sprites also the .wad, here are the .bsp and .res files fixed, I ripering.

Just reemplace the maps and res in FastDL and host.!jINyWK6D!Mwf0G9NS8anNYS79e_4c2z9QttVYmLjhT-MgsD81tOM

Re: Fast DL problem by Cadaver182Cadaver182, 24 Apr 2017 21:30
Fast DL problem
Joce93Joce93 24 Apr 2017 17:58
in discussion / Map Comments » JustZombies

Please fix files with capital letters.

Downloading these files for others players is long as hell.

Fast DL problem by Joce93Joce93, 24 Apr 2017 17:58
Re: Really good map
spywarriorspywarrior 24 Apr 2017 05:12
in discussion / Map Comments » JustZombies

Test mod_speling

When set, this directive limits the action of the spelling correction to lower/upper case changes. Other potential corrections are not performed.

CheckSpelling on
CheckCaseOnly on

Re: Really good map by spywarriorspywarrior, 24 Apr 2017 05:12
Really good map
Cadaver182Cadaver182 24 Apr 2017 04:49
in discussion / Map Comments » JustZombies

Ok, I'll point some problems that I see in the maps.

·Folders with capital letters, yes, this folders generate a problem on my FastDL host, because for some reason when the client try to dowload files that are in that folder, just ignore it, and takes a lot of time to dowload because are ignoring the FastDL files, this happends because the .res files differ from the files.
The correct way to fix this issue is renaming all folders that has mayus in the models, sounds, and .res file, most important one.
e.g: JustZombies to justzombies
·Missing .wad called basics.wad

·Some zombie models hasn't dead animations.
Well this does not affect anything in the gameplay, so it's ok.
That's all issues that I found at the moment.

Now let's go to the good points of this maps.

·New zombies models never seen before.
·Very good atmosphere and quality desing.
·Good gameplay

If I found more problems I'll edit this comment!


Really good map by Cadaver182Cadaver182, 24 Apr 2017 04:49
GarompaGarompa 23 Apr 2017 23:07
in discussion / Map Comments » Dead Map Pack

bugs as of today:

sc_deadthings_txt -> there's no way to open door 5 (feeding cells), even after getting all keycards and destroying computers, killing all monsters and the chopper. Map progress is not possible.

by GarompaGarompa, 23 Apr 2017 23:07
Re: Stuck..
GarompaGarompa 23 Apr 2017 07:39
in discussion / Map Comments » Neptune Labs

maybe add a final boss with ripent somewhere at the end?

Re: Stuck.. by GarompaGarompa, 23 Apr 2017 07:39
GarompaGarompa 23 Apr 2017 03:33
in discussion / Map Comments » Subway Train

since last patch this map is currently very buggy.

-Fire door at the teleport area doesnt open (gets stuck on something and never opens).

-Osprey at the end is frozen in the animation (blades dont rotate, so the engine sound is kind of…making no sense).

-Cutscene at the end with the osprey flying away is not there anymore, instead, the player gets teleported to a closed room. (this happened always but the cutscene made it hard to see)

The map is unplayable thanks to the first bug.

by GarompaGarompa, 23 Apr 2017 03:33
Re: Zoology 3
LossyLossy 23 Apr 2017 00:52
in discussion / Map Comments » USS Darkstar Co-op

Soon~, I'm re-ripenting this map series to fix that issue and bring in missing content that's not in this conversion.

Re: Zoology 3 by LossyLossy, 23 Apr 2017 00:52

omg no comments ?
This map great.Excellent game playing and textures. Gj.

by raptor45raptor45, 22 Apr 2017 15:39
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